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Advantages of Having an Irrigation System

Benefits of Irrigation Systems

A Cut Above The Rest

Convenience of watering – No more moving around of those hoses and sprinkler throughout the yard! If you are a gardener or someone who enjoys a well-manicured landscape, then an irrigation system is a must.

Save water and time – Cut down on water runoff by dispersing water evenly over a wider area more efficiently! A typical gear-driven rotary head uses less water (GPM) and has a larger radius than the average impact spray head. Excessive watering in a location in a yard may cause water runoff, thus wasting water and money.

Increase Property Value – Improve property value with a healthier landscape! A recent study completed by Virginia Tech discovered an attractive, healthy landscape increases curb appeal value by as much as twelve percent. Irrigation systems directly impact healthier landscapes, consequently increasing value of one of your longest investments.

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Irrigation System Problems?

Do you have a sprinkler system that causes you frustration? Is this the year you want to finally replace that feeling of frustration with a feeling of confidence by having a reliable system installed but do not know who to turn to? Give Precision Lawn Care a call!
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What Our Irrigation Pro's Can Do For You

Our irrigation staff is eager to meet your irrigation needs. We are highly experienced professionals with over twenty years in the commercial irrigation industry. We perform a wide range of tasks in the sprinkler system field including:

• Spring start-up – Turn on water supply; run through all zones; check the controller

• Repairs or replacements – irrigation lateral and main lines; spray/rotary head

• Valve wire break – repair or replace broken valve wires

• Controller issues – resolve problems such as programming and power or install a replacement

 • Irrigation zone refit/expansion – overhaul outdated irrigation zones for new, more efficient sprinklers

• Complete sprinkler system installation – consult, plan, lay out, and construct a new sprinkler system

• System winterization – blow irrigation system out with compressed air to remove water and prevent freezing during winter

• Mid-summer check – check and adjust controller and spray heads for efficient output throughout the summer if need be

• Backflow preventer testing or servicing – perform annual testing of backflow preventer, ensuring safety of the drinking water supply (IT IS EVERYONES RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THE WATER SUPPLY!)

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