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Parking Lot & Street Sweeping

Keeping a clean parking lot or street is an important aspect of property maintenance. A dirty, unkempt, parking lot gives the appearance that your business really just does not care about things.


If customers think you do not care about how your property looks then they will also think that's how you handle your product or services.


Cleanliness aside a dirty parking lot can also be hazardous to customers and staff as well as potentially causing damages to vehicles coming in and out of the parking lot. As you can see a dirty parking lot or street can actually be a safety issue.


With our professional Schwarze 348i Street Sweeper we can quickly and effectively clean your parking lot or streets of debris, nails, etc. keeping everyone safe while giving your property a clean and polished look!


If you have a parking lot that needs to be kept up or you are constantly having to manually clean it up, give us a call or fill out the form on this page for a free quote. 


Keeping a clean parking lot is a lot more affordable than you think!

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Weed prevention, Fertilization, pesticides, lawn aeration, overseeding, tree inspections & treating, landscaping, and more!

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Work, school, children…the list goes on. The peace of mind and respite that comes from a safe and healthy yard and landscape is a gift that our volunteers enjoy providing to our military heroes and their families.

Project EverGreen is a national non-profit organization committed to creating a greener, cooler earth by supporting the creation, renovation and revitalization of managed recreational and athletic green spaces that result in healthier, happier people. 

Program SnowCare for Troops, provides complimentary snow and ice removal services for the families of currently deployed military personnel. These complimentary services are provided to eligible families in need to provide a helping hand to our military at a time they need it most.