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Parking Lot Repair & Striping

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Parking Lot Repair & Striping

Parking lots are a lot of work to maintain. All the debris brought in through snow plows in the winter and dropped out of cars in your lot, and the general wear and tear of our Midwest weather will take a toll on your parking lot.


Oh, and did we mention all of the vehicles that are in and out, and in and out, every day?


As a property management and landscape company, we include parking lot maintenance in our services. We provide full-service parking lot care, including sweeping, striping, pothole repair and more.


Proper maintenance and care for your parking lot will not only extend the life of the lot saving you thousands of dollars over the years but, it will improve safety for your guests as well!

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Parking Lot Sweeping

Our owner loves riding around on his sweeper, almost as much as you will love having a clean parking lot. Show off great curb appeal and attention to detail for your business with regular sweeping services.


Parking Lot Striping

The Midwest weather strips away the paint lines in your parking lot. Keep your parking lot stripes visible to visitors, employees and delivery drivers so they can keep it between the lines.


Parking Lot Repair

Weather can be tough on the stripes, but it’s even harder on the asphalt and pavement. A simple crack can turn into a large pothole with the temperature swings we see here in Indiana. If you need parking lot holes repaired, cracks filled or the entire lot re-paved, then we can help.

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