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Sprinkler System Installations

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

A Cut Above The Rest

Irrigation and sprinkler systems can make maintaining your lawn or landscape much easier in the dry summer months. Having your system installed in just the front yard, or your entire yard, can be a fairly simple process, with little to no damage to your lawn.


After installation, we will show you how to schedule your sprinkler system to activate at prime times allowing you to more easily maintain your property resulting in a beautifully great property!

Precision Lawn Care Terre Haute - Rainbi

Irrigation Systems

Commercial properties have a wider variety of sprinkling systems. We understand that and can work with your management team (or be your landscape management team) to design and install the best sprinkler system for your property.
We work with large apartment complexes, golf courses, and building owners to create the ideal irrigation system. We also provide regular maintenance for existing irrigation systems.

System Maintenance

If you’re having trouble with an existing system, call us. We have experience working with various systems and lot or lawn sizes. We can work with yours, too.


• Are you losing water pressure?

• Do you think there is a leak somewhere, but you’re not sure where?

• Stuck trying to change your schedule?

• In need of opening the lines for spring/summer, or closing them in the winter?


If you answered yes to any of the above (or maybe all of them), then we can help. Contact us today to see how.

Precision Lawn Care Terre Haute - Rainbi
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