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Weed Removal and Prevention

Whether it's for your lawn or flower beds there is nothing more annoying than finding weeds growing. In your lawn, those weeds could be simple dandelions or even thistles making a lush lawn a bit nerve-racking to walk around in.


Fortunately, with our weed prevention programs, we can spray for the most common nuisance weeds that occur here in Indiana. We use only the best weed prevention sprays on the market that are designed to act fast but not stick around long keeping your family safe.

So, if you are dealing with some of the most common weeds we have here like:

  • Bindweed (Perennial Morning Glory)

  • Lambsquarters

  • Pigweed (Amaranth)

  • Buckhorn Plantain

  • Crabgrass

  • Quackgrass

  • Chickweed

  • Dandelion


We have a weed prevention program that will keep your yard and landscaping looking great!​

Have flower beds you want to eliminate weeds from too but don't want to risk your flowers to chemicals? No problem! Our experienced horticulturist can prescribe the best plan of action depending on the plants you have in your flower beds.



We also offer completely manual services to pull and remove weeds that are growing in your flower beds so you can keep the flower beds looking great without the use of chemicals.


Contact us for a free quote today and get your yard and flower beds looking the way they should without the weeds!

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Work, school, children…the list goes on. The peace of mind and respite that comes from a safe and healthy yard and landscape is a gift that our volunteers enjoy providing to our military heroes and their families.

Project EverGreen is a national non-profit organization committed to creating a greener, cooler earth by supporting the creation, renovation and revitalization of managed recreational and athletic green spaces that result in healthier, happier people. 

Program SnowCare for Troops, provides complimentary snow and ice removal services for the families of currently deployed military personnel. These complimentary services are provided to eligible families in need to provide a helping hand to our military at a time they need it most.